Mel B

Melanie Brown has found the perfect workout to match her colorful personality.

The America’s Got Talent judge completed The Color Run 5K on Saturday in L.A. along with her 16-year-old daughter Phoenix and a few friends.

“It was hilarious,” she told PEOPLE of her experience. “We ran a very happy, colorful, messy 5K together, which was great. It’s everything that I’m about, and I love getting messy! I had a lot of fun.”

While this was her first official 5K, Brown – who partnered with Shout for the event – said she didn’t do any special training for her run.

“I do [5Ks] by myself on the running machine, but I’ve never actually done it as part of a run, so I was very excited about it,” says the former Spice Girl, 40.

And the treadmill isn’t the only way she stays in shape.

“I do dance classes, boot camp classes, hikes, my own workout,” she says. “I like to keep it interesting — otherwise it gets really boring!”

The mom-of-four fits in exercise whenever she can given her busy schedule, and likes to get her kids involved.

“We go hiking together, and we’re constantly in and out of our pool on a sunny, hot, lovely L.A. day,” she says. “Being active is really important, whether it’s with your kids or going for a class with your friends. I like to do a multi-complex vibe of working out, and enjoying yourself, and making it part of the fun.”

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