Meghan Trainor Says She and Husband Daryl Sabara 'Only' Fight Over Food Preferences

In an exclusive clip from Gaby Dalkin's QVC+ show, My Best Friend's Kitchen, Trainor jokes her husband “might be a serial killer” over his disdain for dips

Meghan Trainor is getting real in the kitchen.

In an exclusive clip above from Gaby Dalkin's QVC+ show, My Best Friend's Kitchen, the singer, 29, dishes about her husband Daryl Sabara's hatred for all dips while preparing one comprised of labneh, feta and garlic.

"I will tell you right now that my husband — he might be a serial killer because he doesn't love dips," Trainor jokes. "That's the only place we fight."

"I don't know how to respond to that," Dalkin replies while laughing in disbelief.

In order to find out if Sabara, 30, is truly anti-dip, Dalkin presses Trainor, asking, "Wait, not even ketchup?"

The "Made You Look" singer confirms Dalkin's suspicions that Sabara is not a huge fan of that condiment, either. Trainor tells the celebrity chef, "I think he'd eat this to be polite," when talking about the creamy dip the two of them are preparing in the upcoming episode.

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' film premiere, London, UK - 18 Dec 2019
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In the clip, the Grammy award-winning musician goes on to discuss a "fight at a sushi restaurant" the couple had over the use of soy sauce.

Trainor recounts telling her husband to "just add soy sauce" to his sushi to which Sabara insisted he just "likes it plain."

"Wow, he might be a serial killer," Dalkin quips. "If I didn't know him and know that he's actually the nicest, cutest dad of all time, I would be very concerned for him."

Meghan Trainor and Gaby Dalkin on QVC+ My Best Friend's Kitchen

Trainor and Sabara welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Riley, in February 2021. In December 2022, the musician hinted at the possibility of another pregnancy this year.

"Hopefully, I'll be pregnant," Trainor told PEOPLE exclusively at the time of what's on her dream board for 2023. "I'm trying to make four children, so I've got to get on it!"

"After having a baby, I was like, there's nothing I can't do," the singer told PEOPLE. "So now I'm just trying to knock off all my dreams on my dream list."

Trainor will appear on the mid-season premiere of My Best Friend's Kitchen Wednesday, Feb. 1 on QVC+.

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