McDonald's Shamrock Shake Is Officially Back on the Menu

It may be Valentine's Day, but McD's is ready for St. Patrick's Day

McDonald’s customers craving the fast food giant’s famous Shamrock Shake struck gold this week.

The popular minty green milkshake — made from McDonald’s vanilla soft serve blended with Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with whipped topping — is officially back on the menu, the company announced on Twitter, Thursday.

Shamrock Shakes have have earned an impressive cult following over the years since McDonald’s first debuted the beverage in 1970. Like the McRib, Shamrock Shakes only come to the Golden Arches for a limited time.

This year, they’ll be available in stores through March 24.

To help those thirsty for its creamy confection track them down, McDonald’s has introduced a feature on its app that tracks which locations are selling the beverage based on zip code.


The company’s good news comes days after new broke that McDonald’s would be expanding its ever-growing breakfast menu to include McCafé Donut Sticks, a new cluster of cinnamon-sugar treats.

It’s the first sweet treat McDonald’s will be offering exclusively at breakfast, the company said. The limited time product hits participating stores during morning hours beginning Feb. 20.

“Donut Sticks are made fresh throughout the morning, prepared in McDonald’s restaurant kitchens until hot, crispy and golden brown for a light and airy texture – never microwaved,” the company wrote in its press release. “They’re sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for a crunchy outside and soft, doughy inside, and served warm to customers.”

Sold by the half-dozen or by the dozen, the sticks are designed to perfectly pair with McDonald’s premium roast McCafé coffee. Customers can even purchase a half-dozen a small McCafé brewed coffee for a special price at participating restaurants.


“We are proud of our breakfast offerings, and excited to share new Donut Sticks with our customers,” said Linda VanGosen, McDonald’s Vice President of Menu Innovation, in a statement.

She went on to explain that the product had been tested in select Illinois restaurants back in early 2018 — and then again in October 2018 — to get it just right.

“It was critical that we perfected them before we brought them to our customers nationwide,” VanGosen wrote in her statement. “We looked at several donut shapes, tested a variety of doughs and even worked to get the amount of cinnamon sugar just right for the recipe. We are thrilled to be making breakfast at McDonald’s even more delicious by introducing Donut Sticks.”

McDonald’s has also been experimenting with other premium bakery items, like muffin toppers and coffee cakes. Back in October 2015, the company started serving all-day breakfast in many of its locations — making sure its iconic Egg McMuffins, hotcakes, and hash browns would be available to customers all the time.

The company has also recently introduced cheesy bacon fries on its regular menu.

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