Some people think they’re better suited for a dystopian universe.

By Jennifer Calfas
April 24, 2017 09:45 AM

McDonald’s unveiled new uniforms for its employees — but some people think they’re better suited for a dystopian universe.

Employees will start wearing the gray, monochrome uniforms at all of McDonald’s 14,000 restaurants in the United States this month, the company announced.

And while McDonald’s said 70% of its employees “feel that the new uniforms provide a modern image that they would be proud to wear,” others on social media compared them to those worn on the Death Star in Star Wars or District 12 citizens in the post-apocalyptic Hunger Games.

The uniforms were designed by Waraire Boswell, who has dressed celebrities like Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell Williams, among others. Boswell himself once worked at a McDonald’s in California and wanted to design a uniform that would give employees “a greater level of confidence.”

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The new uniforms will be worn by 850,000 employees across the country, McDonald’s said.

“Individuality is important to McDonald’s restaurant employees, and the new collections were designed to bridge the gap between fashion and function, allowing for an easy transition from the restaurant to social environment,” McDonald’s said in a statement announcing the new look.

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