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November 04, 2016 02:03 PM

McDonald’s has finally answered the age old question: does size really matter … when it comes to burgers?

In short, yes it does — and the fast food chain is making this realization its new mission with the announcement of two menu additions that piggyback off the decades-long success of its classic item: the Big Mac.

Much like Burger King has done with the Whopper, McDonald’s will soon unveil two new Big Mac sizes to customers nationwide. The new burgers — aptly named Mac Jr. (made with one 1/6 lb. beef patty) and the Grand Mac (made with two 1/6 lb. beef patties) — sandwich its original, regular-sized counterpart (made with two 1/10 lb. beef patties).

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The extra options hope to satisfy customers who are either easily overwhelmed by the fast food chain’s staple or just can’t seem to get enough of its two-tiered goodness. “A good majority [of surveyed customers] said they love the Big Mac, but would love options in that realm,” McDonald’s chef Mike Haracz told BuzzFeed. “We did some diving: some wanted it bigger and some wanted it smaller.”


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The only catch? While the two Big Mac options may be huge news for the company, these additions — much like its annual Shamrock Shake, which only pops up on McDonald’s menu in March in honor of St. Patrick’s Day — will only be available for a limited time at the start of the new year.

But if the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac prove successful among McDonald’s devotees, they may find a more permanent home on the chain’s menu.

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