Holiday shoppers can get particularly excited about the ugly Christmas sweaters and sesame seed bun ornaments.

By Morgan Raum
December 04, 2019 01:39 PM

Fast food lovers can now share their passion for burgers and fries like never before, thanks to McDonald’s new permanent online merch shop, Golden Arches Unlimited.

The debut line features more than 20 McDonald’s-inspired clothing items and accessories that you never knew you needed, including World Famous Fry socks, a Big Mac sandwich journal, Sesame Seed Christmas ornaments, hair ties, and even a winter beanie.

But the item we’re perhaps most impressed by is the sesame seed hamburger bun-patterned umbrella, which we’ll definitely be whipping out during the next thunderstorm—or even just the lightest drizzle.

Credit: McDonald's

This announcement should serve especially useful for those looking to impress their co-workers at the annual holiday party, because the online shop features a rotating seasonal selection. One of the items is an ugly sweater, which is red and green and resembles a Christmas tree decorated with tiny sparkling ornaments.

You can also find Happy Meal and sesame seed-themed pop sockets, which we’re hoping will serve as a useful conversation starter for your phone.

Credit: McDonald's

According to the press release, McDonald’s is continuing its time-honored tradition of working with fashion and retail brands by granting direct access to the new clothes and accessories line.

“McDonald’s has been ingrained in the fabric of culture for years, and there’s a long history of fans wearing our brand with pride,” Colin Mitchell, McDonald’s Corp.’s senior vice president of global marketing, explained. “We’re excited to help customers wear their brand love on their sleeves with the unveiling of Golden Arches Unlimited as we continue to inspire feel good moments with McDonald’s.”

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The merch line comes after a couple of McDelivery stints, in which the fast food chain gave away limited-edition apparel with orders placed on the Uber Eats app. Thankfully, the permanent shop means we won’t have to just hope that the best clothes items will be included in our orders.

So if you like the idea of flaunting some fast food streetwear, then you should definitely check out the shop before everything sells out.

Here’s the full list of McDonald’s merch, and how much each will set you back.

  • Big Mac Sandwich Bag: $20
  • Big Mac Sandwich, World Famous Fries and McFlurry Dessert Journals: $15
  • Golden Arches Stainless Steel Tumbler: $20
  • Happy Meal Pop Socket: $15
  • Happy Meal Toddler T-shirt: $20
  • Happy Meal T-shirt: $25
  • McDonald’s Hair Ties: $10
  • McDonald’s Holiday Sweater: $65
  • McDonald’s Meal Pin Set: $12
  • McDonald’s Winter Beanie: $15
  • Mickey D’s Nickname T-shirt: $25
  • Sesame Seed Ornament: $10
  • Sesame Seed Pop Socket: $15
  • Sesame Seed Socks: $20
  • Sesame Seed Umbrella: $30
  • Sesame Seed Zip Hoodie: $65
  • World Famous Fries Lounge Set: $35
  • World Famous Fries Socks: $20
  • World Famous Fries Tote Bag: $25

Not to be cliché, but we’re lovin’ it.