By peoplestaff225
May 13, 2015 03:55 PM

If you were confused by McDonald’s new sort-of-hot, sort-of-creepy Hamburglar, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

McDonald’s has debuted a promo starring the Hamburglar as he takes over the chain’s Twitter account. And it’s really weird.

“Robble, Robble, America,” the new Hamburglar starts off the 30-second clip with his character’s signature saying, followed by a hearty chuckle. “I am back and —” he’s interrupted by his cell phone ringing. His wife is on the line, asking him questions about picking up party supplies like cake and candles. (Can we also assume that’s where he got his outfit?)

He never gets to the point of the video, but he’s holding a McDonald’s Sirloin burger and starts to say something about “100% real —” when he’s interrupted by his wife again. But we’ll take our bets that he was about to say “beef.”

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For the record, this is what the Hamburglar’s “Robble, Robble” used to sound like:

Let’s take a moment to mourn the loss of the cuteness.

—Morgan Gibson, @morgangibson