The cats out of the bag — here's why the McFlurry spoons look the way they do

By Eric Todisco
April 30, 2020 01:55 PM
Credit: Alamy

The mystery of McDonald's McFlurry spoons has finally been solved.

For years, customers of the fast-food chain have been baffled by the chunky, hollow design of the spoon, which cannot be used to drink the McFlurry, despite appearing to look like a straw.

But a McDonald's employee has finally settled the confusion about the McFlurry spoons — and the revelation may blow your mind.

In a TikTok video posted last month by user marzpire, a female McDonald's employee shows herself making an Oreo McFlurry. "Have you ever wondered why you can't drink out of a McFlurry spoon???” they wrote,

After adding cookie pieces into the ice cream, popping the lid on and inserting the spoon inside, she heads to a machine, where she attaches the straw-like side of the spoon to a motorized mixer.

While filming the machine mixing up the delicious dessert, she wrote, "What the spoon is really MIX."

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Many Tik Tok users that watched the video were shocked by the revelation. One user wrote, "I used to think it was a broken straw."

Said another, "I literally got a McFlurry yesterday and was wondering about the spoon.”

"I was today years old when I learned this,” another shocked user wrote.

While the true nature of McFlurry spoons is recent news to many, a YouTube video that circulated back in 2010 showed an employee making the McFlurry the same way.

There you have it. Mystery solved.