One woman's example of Christmas kindness sparked a chain reaction of good deeds at a drive-thru.

‘Tis the season … to treat someone to a McFlurry!

Torie Keene of Lakeland, Florida decided to spread a little holiday cheer on Wednesday morning by paying for the meal of the customer in line behind her at the drive through, and her act of Christmas kindness sparked a chain reaction that lasted for 250 people.

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“It kept going and going” Marisabel Figueroa, the cashier who was working when Keene decided to pay it forward, told ABC News. “After the 15th car I started tally marking the number of people that were participating on a piece of paper.” Figueroa revealed that the chain reaction lasted almost the entirety of her 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift.

“I just kept giving everyone the same message, and they were all so stunned and so happy,” she said. “One lady even paid for the meals of the next three cars behind her.”

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Like the customers who found their meals already covered thanks to the kindness of strangers, Figueroa was also touched by the spirit of the season.

“I feel very blessed to have been a part of all that,” she said, adding that in her 12 years of working at McDonalds, she had “never experienced something like that before.”

And it wasn’t just Figueroa who was blown away by the holiday miracle — after the story gained the attention of a local news station, Keene reached out to Figueroa on Facebook, where she revealed that she was the mystery customer who started the whole chain of kindness, and admitted that she was “only trying to brighten someone’s day.”

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Still, seeing so many people doing something nice for one another fills us with even more warmth inside than a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese ever could.

Who knew french fries could feel so festive?

Julia Emmanuelle