The dessert will be available at McDonald's for a limited time starting May 3.
Credit: McDonald's

The weather is just starting to heat up and to celebrate, McDonald's is adding a new dessert to help us cool down.

The fast-food chain announced its new Caramel Brownie McFlurry today in honor of National Caramel Day. The sweet addition was first introduced to McDonald's locations in Canada in 2017, but this is a first debut in the United States.

The new Mcflurry features McDonald's signature vanilla soft serve that is blended with rich, chocolate brownie pieces and gooey caramel topping.

"As our fans rejoice in the changing of the seasons, we're excited to give them a new way to enjoy our most iconic dessert," said Chad Schafer, McDonald's Sr. Director of Culinary, in a press release. "The flavors in our new Caramel Brownie McFlurry are inspired by that first-warm-day-of-the-year feeling."

The Caramel Brownie Flurry will be available at McDonald's locations nationwide starting May 3 for a limited time.

McDonald's is also bringing back a fan-favorite drink just in time for summer.

Credit: McDonald's

After the chain removed the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst beverage from menus in 2017, fans were outraged — even starting numerous internet petitions to bring it back. Now four years later, it's being reintroduced first in select markets, but will be available nationwide by June 2021.

To determine whether or not Hi-C Orange is readily available at your local McDonald's, the brand created the "Hi-C Orange Tracker." Simply plug in your zip code to find out if the drink is available in your area, but if it's not, don't worry — the tracker is being updated weekly as the soft drink arrives at more locations.