McDonald's Is Giving Out an 18K Gold 'Bling Mac' Ring—Here's How to Get Your Hands on It

Why eat a Big Mac when you can wear one?

Is your valentine a fast food fanatic? McDonald’s may have the gift you’ve been searching for.

To celebrate the three different Big Mac sizes—Grand Big Mac, Big Mac and Mac Jr.—the fast food joint is releasing it’s fanciest item yet as part of their “Bling Mac” contest. The “Bling Mac” is an 18K gold, stackable ring made of seven individual tiers of diamonds and gems representing the ingredients of the Big Mac.

With champagne diamonds used for its two beef patties, lettuce, pickles, and onions made from tsavorite, and orange sapphire as the Special Sauce, the piece of jewelry is quite the looker—and truly one of a kind. Only one version of the ring—which was designed by fine jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn—will be custom made for the winner of the contest.

McDonald's Bling Mac Ring & Box

To enter, people must write their best “vows of love” to their favorite Big Macs on Twitter and tweet them @McDonald’s with #BlingMacContest from now until Feb. 14. The person with the most creative proclamation will take home the burger in all its sparkly glory.

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