August 11, 2015 05:08 PM

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Mayim Bialik can now add another title to her already impressive resume.

The Emmy-nominated actress, neuroscientist, cookbook author and vegan mom has launched her own lifestyle site.

Joining the ranks of fellow celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Blake Lively, Bialik’s site, titled GrokNation, caters to women and includes wide-ranging topics such as parenting, culture and Hollywood.

Billed as an “online community for people of all ages and backgrounds to dive deep into conversations on contemporary issues,” the site is a natural transition for the Big Bang Theory star who has been hosting her parenting blog on the Jewish site,, which she will continue to write for.

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“GrokNation will be the place where I share my thoughts about being an actress on The Big Bang Theory, being a scientist and a vegan mom, being an unusual woman because I am an actress and a scientist and a vegan mom, and everything in between. Eventually, I want GrokNation to become a place for voices other than mine, but we are just starting out so it may take some time!,” she wrote on

So, where did she come up with the name? “Grok is an old-school sci-fi term from the 1961 book Stranger in a Strange Land. It means to fully grasp something in the deepest way possible,” she said.

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And Bialik is jumping right in.  Her first few posts discuss: aging in Hollywood (and no, she doesn’t plan on getting plastic surgery), homeschooling kids (as hers are), her favorite kitchen things (wooden spans are her preferred) and a peek into her Big Bang dressing room (cat clock included).

As for her goal with the site. “With a broader platform, I will have more freedom to push the proverbial envelope,” she wrote. “I want to get past stereotypes and name-calling and be thoughtful in our analysis of serious and important topics, and I want to really explore how complicated most issues are, emphasizing the importance of getting educated and exploring perspectives we may not have considered before. Changing the way we think can change the way we act, and I hope to create a space for people seeking to grok important things in a deep and meaningful (and sometimes fun!) way, with the hopes of becoming a community of action.”

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–Michelle Ward Trainor

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