Max Greenfield Slips This Healthy Ingredient in His Kids' Pancakes — 'And They Don't Know It'

"They think they're regular pancakes," says the New Girl star.

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As a dad to two little ones, Max Greenfield knows sometimes you have to be a little sneaky when it comes to mealtime.

The New Girl star, who teamed up with Michelob Ultra as part of their #ULTRAdad campaign for Father’s Day, tells PEOPLE he adds a little boost at breakfast when he’s cooking with his kids, Lilly, 7, and Ozzie, 22 months.

“Well they don’t do much cooking on their own, but I think the secret to cooking for them, because they’re sort of picky eaters, at least my daughter is, I go protein pancakes for these kids,” Greenfield says. “And they don’t know it. They think they’re regular pancakes. At some point during the pancake process they’re putting protein batter into the mix and they still haven’t figured it out.”

Greenfield, who is a fan of Crossfit and eating healthy, says adding a little protein in the morning goes a long way later in the day.

“When my kids are like, ‘I want mac and cheese‘, you feel okay about yourself when you know you’ve slipped the protein in the pancakes in the morning,” he says.

Greenfield, 36, says he’s also on lunch-packing duty for his daughter Lilly.

“I usually pack too much in her lunch,” he says. “I want to make sure she has enough healthy options. I don’t know what kind of mood she’s going to be in in the middle of the day.”

As part of Greenfield’s partnership, he sat down with his own father, Martin—also a pancake fan.

“You used to take me out every Sunday for pancakes and I realized that, like, that’s sort of the key to being a parent, is just feeding children pancakes,” Greenfield says.

“What are we doing an ad for protein pancakes?” his father quips back.

The two then shared a sweet moment reminiscing on fatherhood: “I don’t think there was ever any other agenda that you had as a parent but to see me happy, which I try to take the same approach with my kids,” Greenfield says.

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“I gotta tell you when it comes to Max, I look up to him. He really is an ultra dad,” Martin says.

For every use of #ULTRAdad, Michelob Ultra will donate $1 to Jessica Seinfeld’s GOOD+ Foundation‘s fatherhood program, which “empowers dads to make families stronger.”

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