"The man who invented the hamburger was smart, but the man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius," the actor says of his favorite food.

Give Matthew McConaughey a cheeseburger, and he's happy—but he's got some specific requests.

"The challenge with a great cheeseburger is you can actually overdo it," the actor said in a video interview with America's Test Kitchen. His ultimate burger goes so much deeper than the toppings — it all starts with the patty itself.

"I want a high-fat content in my beef - I don't want low-fat," the Oscar winner explains. To add a little more flavor to the patty, he likes to add some onion soup mix before cooking two 1/4-lb. burgers instead of one giant one. As for the cheese, he prefers two slices of classic American.

The bread is one of the most important factors for McConaughey. "I like small, soft white bread buns. I don't want them toasted — maybe a tad warm," he says. Then comes the toppings: pickled jalapenos, iceberg lettuce "I don't want a leaf, I want it shredded," avocado, a thick slice of red onion, and two Texas heat pickles.

Matthew Mcconaughey on America's Test Kitche
Credit: America's Test Kitchen/YouTube

To finish off these perfect burgers, they must be cut in half says McConaughey. "My mom wouldn't cut ours in half as a kid and I still think I'm getting away with something when I cut it in half now."

While The Greenlights author's all-time favorite food is the cheeseburger, his palette expands beyond the American classic. During the interview, he also dishes on the other top two foods he's ever eaten — and one was from the famous Opie's BBQ in Spicewood, Texas.

"One of the top three bites I've ever put in my mouth was a nice inch-cut of their sausage dunked in their jalapeno corn. My mouth is watering right now," he jokes.

His other favorite is madai sushi, specifically from chef Tyson Cole of Uchi in Austin. "When he's there he makes it just right for me," he said.

For more of McConaughey's foodie favorites watch the full interview above.