January 04, 2016 10:30 AM


How superhuman is your palate?

A contestant on Superhuman, a new two-hour special hosted by Kal Penn (premiering Monday, Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. on Fox), is challenged by MasterChef‘s Graham Elliot to taste a dish of stuffed peppers and identify which one of its 23 ingredients are missing.

The show tests the abilities of 12 ordinary people, all of whom possess a distinct, nearly superhuman ability in fields like memory, hearing, taste and touch, to use their skills to win the show’s $100,000 grand prize.

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Will Brown, a contestant from Atlanta who was selected for the show for his extraordinary palate, approaches Elliot’s peppers with confidence, but soon finds himself torn between smoked paprika and cumin as the missing ingredient.

Penn, along with a guest panel including Mike Tyson, Mary Lynn Rajskub and neurosurgeon Dr. Rahul Jandial, set the rules (and provide the star power) for the show.

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Of all the wacky challenges game show contestants must endure, tasting Elliot’s food sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

— Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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