The country singer is opening up about her home-cooked healthy meal in hopes of inspiring others.

By Jessica Fecteau
April 19, 2017 11:46 AM
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Martina McBride is opening up about her home-cooked healthy meal in hopes of inspiring others.

The country music singer posted a shot of her dinner plate on Wednesday night, which featured salmon, broccoli, salad and roasted tomatoes.

“I don’t know why we like to post pictures of our food,” McBride wrote. “Maybe to encourage ourselves or others. Or maybe just because we like sharing that part of our lives. I know I love posting pictures of something decadent as much as I love posting pics of something healthy…because I believe there is room for both in life and it should be a balance.”

McBride, 50, goes on to say she is posting the photo of her food for a few different reasons: “One….because it is my first really healthy meal after a whole weekend of decadence and I’m proud of it. Two because I’ve never really cooked much fish and I’ve always been somewhat intimidated by cooking it…but I made this super delicious salmon in less than 20 minutes with just a few ingredients.”

Credit: Martina McBride/Instagram

She then described how her husband of nearly 20 years, John, has completely changed his diet. “[He] has gone through a lifestyle change when it comes to eating that I might never have believed,” writes McBride.

“Less than a year ago a meal like this would have been something to be tolerated and ‘gotten through’ but never enjoyed,” she continues. “Tonight he ate every bit of his salmon and part of mine…and all the other healthy food on his plate…and he ENJOYED it and it satisfied him and he kept saying how delicious it was. Anyone who has known him knows this is B.I.G. And I’m happy he’s turned the corner.”

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The proud wife says “if he can do it anyone can do it.”

“So maybe this will inspire someone to stick with it. (And remember it’s not about deprivation. It’s about finding balance) xo #salmon #simplesalad #broccoli #roastedtomatoes #prettycrappyfoodphotography,” she wrote.