Martha Stewart Took an Uber for the First Time and It Did Not Go Well

The lifestyle expert ordered the "most expensive version" of the ride-sharing app, but it wasn't up to her standards.

Martha Stewart‘s inaugural Uber ride was not up to par.

The lifestyle expert, 77, posted a series of photos on Instagram on Monday after taking her “very first Uber” while in New York City.

The four photos show the interior of a car filled with leaves, dirt, half-empty water bottles and one photo shows Stewart’s snakeskin shoes.

“I ordered the most expensive version to pick me up on Fifth Avenue and 57th street in front of Tiffany’s,” she says. “The first Uber did not show up. The second Uber came ten minutes later and parked halfway down 57th street where I could not see the license plate.”

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She continues: “Then we were facing east when I had to go west and south. Took twenty minutes to face southwest. It only took a bit more than one hour. On top of it all the car was a mess inside and out!!!!!!!! And I want Uber to succeed!”

Followers of Stewart—who was seen sharing her Thanksgiving tips on the Today show on Monday—commented on her post, many agreeing that Uber should take action.

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“OMG that is horrible! I’ve never even been in a yellow cab that’s that bad!” one user wrote. “Lol Martha, you should have a limo!!!!”

Another person commented, “Martha roasting @uber is such a mood for 2019.”

Uber did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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