October 25, 2016 07:02 AM

When you’re hanging out with one of America’s most famous rappers, you’re bound to pick up on some new lingo.

For Martha Stewart — who is co-hosting a new cooking show alongside Snoop Dogg — her experience was just that.

“I’ve learned a new vocabulary,” Stewart told PEOPLE at her American Made Summit in New York City. “I have a little dictionary — I might actually write the dictionary.”

“It’s all those fo’ shizzles and everything else. I think it’s hysterical,” she adds.

Stewart, 74, also says the rapper plans to expand his culinary empire, and wants his own line of spices “right away.”

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Architectural Digest recently revealed a sneak peak on set of the new series, which features a “split personality” set-up and Stewart giving viewers a video tour.

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“When I watch it, it’s so funny, like that’s me there,” Stewart said. “It’s a cooking show with celebrity guests and lots of funny talk, silly games, and actual recipes. And Snoop’s a good cook. Who would have thought? It’s a funny show.”

You can catch the pair for yourself on Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, premiering November 7 on VH1.

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