People Can't Stop Mocking Martha Stewart's Hack for Making Scrambled Eggs in a Cappuccino Machine

The technique has left some people scratching their heads.

Martha Stewart introduced the world to her “scrambled eggs a-la-cappuccino machine”—and not all her Twitter followers are loving it.

In a recent video shared by the Food Network, the Chopped judge showed viewers an interesting hack for cooking the breakfast staple.

Stewart’s “very fun way” to cook eggs uses a cappuccino steamer to whip them up in seconds. She learned the technique from chef Jody Williams, according to a post on her website where she addresses “all the fuss.”

To begin, first crack the eggs into a glass, add a “little salt, a little pepper, and about a teaspoon and a half of butter,” Stewart says.

Next, Stewart instructs to “insert the steam wand right into the scrambled eggs.”

The steam wand, typically used to froth milk for the perfect coffee creation, fluffs the eggs right up—but leaves a lot of residue on the machine, as some Twitter users pointed out.

After removing the glass from the wand and stirring the steamed eggs together, Stewart shows everyone that “these eggs are buttery and fluffy, and light and delicious.”

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She suggests piling the eggs on top of a piece of fresh toast, and adding some Swiss or Gruyère cheese with a sprinkle of salt and pepper to finish off the meal.

The dish looked delicious and Stewart added that the meal is a great “conversation piece in your kitchen,” but viewers aren’t exactly buying the idea that a cappuccino maker is more convenient than a traditional skillet.

“Well that’s easy….everyone has an espresso machine in their kitchens to replicate this right,” wrote on user on Twitter.

Others found the idea to be too messy and not worth the clean-up time.

Even baristas are scratching their heads. “As a barista, I wish you luck cleaning that steam wand we cringe when we have to clean heavy cream out, and y’all put the steam wand in EGGS,” wrote another.

The domestic diva told PEOPLE of her interesting scrambled eggs method in 2017. Aside from her daily green juice, she said the egg dish is her “go-to meal.”

Of course Stewart also uses the machine for its original intention. She makes a cappuccino for herself every morning and has even shared a few cups with a president and first lady.

“One day I came into my kitchen and I was getting dressed, and sitting right here at the counter, because I had invited them anytime they were in the neighborhood were President and Mrs. Clinton,” said Stewart. “She was Secretary of State at the time, and they were sitting here waiting for their cappuccinos. It was so much fun. And they loved the cappuccino.”

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