Martha Stewart Reveals Her Last Culinary Mishap: 'the Croissants Were Still Frozen'

Martha explains why her dogs don’t beg for food and more in PeopleTV’s "One Last Thing" segment

Even Martha Stewart makes mistakes in the kitchen!

During a recent interview for PeopleTV's "One Last Thing" segment, Stewart, 79, admitted that her latest cooking mishap had just happened that morning.

"I had a guest stay overnight and I wanted to serve beautiful Ladurée croissants that are in the freezer," she said, explaining that her oven had malfunctioned and "everything got turned on except the gas."

She continued, "So the croissants were still frozen by the time the guest came for breakfast."

After noticing the problem, Stewart said she was fortunately able to stall by whipping up some other food while waiting for the croissants.

"I had to scurry around and make some eggs, just waiting for the croissants to heat up," she said.

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Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart/Instagram

Stewart told PEOPLE that Ladurée croissants aren't the only thing she keeps stocked in her freezer.

"I eat ice cream sometimes from the frozen food aisle," she said. "Usually coffee [flavor]."

The lifestyle expert is known for her delicious recipes for humans, but in her home, even her four dogs — two chow chows and two French bulldogs — get their own gourmet meals.

"I rarely, rarely, rarely feed my dogs people food," she told PEOPLE. "They get such great homemade meals twice a day that they don't really beg."

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Stewart hit a major milestone in her career last year, celebrating 30 years of her magazine Martha Stewart Living.

"We have prided ourselves on creating a library of content that is voluminous and useful," Stewart tells PEOPLE. "You can look up pretty much anything, and something will come up about, 'Martha does it this way or this is how we suggest how to do it.' "

"That library of content is something that I'm extremely, extremely proud of."

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