Martha Stewart Says She's Dating Someone Special Right Now, But Won't Reveal His Name

"I'm not going to tell you," Martha Stewart told Andy Cohen on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live

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Martha Stewart has a special someone in her life, but she's not naming names.

The lifestyle mogul opened up about her dating life on Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, revealing that she heard from "quite a few" famous eligible bachelors in her direct messages after posting her "thirst trap" photo last summer.

While she admitted she didn't get any dates out of it in the end, her single status didn't last long.

When asked by host Andy Cohen if she's dating someone now, Stewart said, "No" before clarifying, "I shouldn't say no. I mean yes, but I'm not going to tell you."

Earlier in the episode, Stewart opened up about another man she was once linked to: the late Larry King, who died in January at the age of 87.

Martha Stewart
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According to Stewart, the two went out to dinner at Elio's in New York City once — a meal Stewart, 80, assumed was just between two friends until King appeared to signal otherwise.

"I thought we were just talking about journalism etc. etc., and then he sort of got a little amorous," she recalled.

While Stewart didn't specify exactly what year their dinner occurred, she did say that other tables saw them and assumed they were dating.

"Everybody was noticing I was out with Larry King, and Larry King was not my type romantically, if you get what I mean," said Stewart, who previously mentioned their date in her tribute to King upon his death.

Stewart was married to Andrew Stewart, a publisher, for 29 years before they called it quits in 1987, officially divorcing in 1990. They share a daughter, Alexis, 56.

According to a PEOPLE cover story published a few years after the divorce, their marriage worked well in the beginning — with the pair splitting their days between their apartment in Manhattan and a home in Massachusetts' Berkshires — but became strained as Martha's fame grew.

Friends were stunned when, in 1987, Andrew moved out and reportedly obtained a court order forbidding Martha to speak to him. He later became involved with her former assistant Robyn Fairclough, 21 years his junior, whom he married in 1993.

"The life that I had is over," Martha said of the divorce in the 1995 interview. "And what has taken its place is better."

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen airs Sundays-Thursday evenings on Bravo.

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