Martha Stewart Admits She Gets Calls From Her Daughter When She Instagrams: 'You Can't Do That!'

The lifestyle expert — and savvy social media star — appears in Tostitos' new commercial with Snoop Dogg

martha stewart snoop dogg tostitos

The lifestyle queen Martha Stewart is pretty good at Instagram, but even she’s not immune to occasionally embarrassing her daughter with her posts.

Stewart, 78, recently told PEOPLE that instead of her daughter Alexis, 54, advising her on what to post on social media, she actually tells her what not to post. “I get calls from my daughter saying, ‘You can’t do that and you can’t do that,’ ” laughs Stewart. “That’s what I get from her. ‘Don’t you dare do that, don’t you dare do this!’ ”

She doesn’t let that bother her though. The mogul still posts what she feels like — and her humor always shines through. In December, she started a faux feud with Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski on Instagram when he failed to tag her in two photos from her Christmas party.

Stewart expressed her disappointment in the comments section: “Dear Antoni: this @marthastewart48 You did not tag me on this photo of my stable nor the photo of my beautiful dogs Han, Qin, Bete Noir, and Creme Brulee,” Stewart wrote in reference to the photos Porowski shared, one of which featured her chow chows and French bulldogs.

Porowski quickly rectified the situation by tagging her and responding back: “Dearest @marthastewart48 (I got your insta right this time), apologies for not respectfully mentioning dear doggos Empress Chin, Emperor Han, Bête Noire, and cuddle monster Créme Brûlée. They deserve recognition also I rewatch your cabbage roll demo with your dear mum Mrs. Kostyra more often than I care to admit.”

Stewart, who stars in a new Tostitos commercial with her Potluck Dinner Party co-star Snoop Dogg, even posted candidly while on set of their spot. Pictured is Snoop’s trailer that says “verde” on it, which translates to green. “A very appropriate name for the @snoopdogg trailer on set today in Los Angeles We are working !!!” she wrote.

martha stewart snoop dogg tostitos

The dynamic duo were on set filming a commercial for New Tostitos Strips and Avocado Salsa. The funny commercial features Snoop Dogg representing Tostitos Strips while Stewart represents Tostitos Avocado Salsa. The two compete to determine which snack is better but ultimately decide that while they’re good apart, they’re even better together.

When it comes to competition, Stewart thinks Snoop is much more competitive than her. “He is at basketball games. He is at football games. He is very, very attuned to rooting for players. And so, that makes him a more competitive person in one respect,” she says. Though, she plans to bring the heat in the commercial (above) as well as on social media to continue the campaign.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from filming, Stewart and Snoop Dogg share tips for the ultimate Super Bowl viewing party. “Make sure the screen of your TV is not 12×12. It has to be a big screen — rent it for the day if you don’t have one,” says Stewart. Snoop’s advice is more about food: “First and foremost you have to have a lot of green. That’s salad, celery, avocado…and my special vegetation,” he says.

Stewart also shared with PEOPLE how she plans on spending the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. “I’m going! I go every year,” she said. “I’m certainly going to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s house for a party.”

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