When you're Mark Wahlberg, the seats at your dinner table may be filled with some very famous faces.

By Ana Calderone
June 13, 2017 03:58 PM
Credit: Michelle Farsi

When you’re Mark Wahlberg, the seats at your dinner table may be filled with some very famous faces.

At a private party to celebrate the opening of the first Manhattan location of his family’s restaurant chain, Wahlburgers, on the Upper East Side, the Patriots Day actor told PEOPLE he’s often hosting friends and costars at home with his wife Rhea and their four children.

Some of his all time favorite guests include New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and NBA star Jimmy Butler. “Will Ferrell has also been over to my house for dinner,” he says of his Daddy’s Home costar. “A lot of people have.”

“These are people that I’m friendly with and close to so if they’re in town, [they’ll come over],” he added. “My wife threw a beautiful birthday dinner for me last year where all the people that I work with that were in town all came over.”

The list also includes Justin Bieber—who failed to impress his eldest daughter, Ella, 13, when he stopped by for a meal. “She liked him a lot when she was younger, turned on him completely and then came back with a vengeance like, ‘Dad that’s gonna be my husband,'” he recalled earlier this year on Ellen. “I said, ‘Over my dead my body, actually over both of your dead bodies. I’ll just go back to jail.’ But and then not a word.”

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There is one person he’s still vying to host though. “Pope Francis,” he told PEOPLE. “I’m working on getting him over.”

Wahlberg, who started the ever-expanding burger chain with his brothers Donnie and Paul, says for his family, meals are “a big part of our day”—and his approach to wellness is surprisingly laid back for someone so fit.

“I just kind of eat what I want when I want,” he says adding he doesn’t believe in cheat days. “But I exercise too so I’ll be up at 4 in the morning, I’ll have breakfast and exercise and run the golf course.”

“I never feel like you should live a kind of boot camp existence. You should find that balance where you can eat right, exercise and eat what you want and burn it off—everything in moderation.”