Mark Conseulos Teases Kelly Ripa for Eating with Her Hands: 'Our Kids Get Grossed Out' She Says

"You stick all three fingers, the tips of all three fingers, into your mouth," Mark Conseulos said of Kelly Ripa on Monday's Live with Kelly and Ryan

Kelly Ripa has a "very interesting way of eating food," her husband Mark Consuelos says — and it doesn't involve a fork.

On Monday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the Riverdale actor guest-hosted with his wife and happily teased her about the fact that she sometimes uses her hands to eat.

"You eat normal food normally but every now and then, if there's something that can be [consumed] with your fingers, you'll go in — first of all you'll put the plate in front of me, and then you'll go in and grab it and then you stick all three fingers, the tips of all three fingers, into your mouth," Consuelos, 50, said.

He went on to demonstrate Ripa's alleged eating, putting his thumb, index and middle finger into his mouth as if he were eating.

"I'll move the plate back over [to you], and then you'll move it in front of me, and then you'll reach and grab and you'll stick all [three fingers in your mouth]," he said.

Ripa, 51, laughed watching her husband, before asking him to clarify for viewers exactly what she is typically eating. "It probably is something that is consumed with the fingers if I'm using my fingers?" she said.

"Yeah, it can be, but if it's a piece of cake and there's a little slice, you'll grab a little not to have the whole piece," Consuelos said. "But you go in with the three fingers. I'm surprised you weren't nursed with the first three fingers of someone's hand!"

Turns out, Conseulos isn't the only one teasing Ripa over the way she eats.

"Our kids get very grossed out by us in general but especially when we are eating, they are sickened by us," Ripa admitted earlier in the conversation. "And I'm not sure why that is, but they are disgusted by our eating. They make fun of our eating a lot."

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Ripa and Consuelos have been married for over 25 years and share daughter Lola, 20, and sons Michael, 24, and Joaquin, 18.

The pair often get candid about their relationship and parenting style on Live, joking just last month that they know nothing about wrestling despite often attending Joaquin's college matches.

Previously, the two stars said they consider their decades-long marriage to be "almost old-fashioned."

"What's funny is I think of us as such a progressive as a couple. I always think of us as politically progressive … we're progressive people," she said on the Double Date podcast last April. "And yet, when it comes to our own family and our marriage and our roles, I think of us as very traditional and almost old-fashioned in our roles."

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa. Michael Kovac/Getty

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In September, Ripa gave a glimpse into their married life when talking about the HBO show Scenes from a Marriage.

The show's plot follows a rocky marriage — something Ripa can't relate to. "I was like, none of this would ever be happening in the Mark Consuelos household because he would have nipped all of this in the bud immediately," she said on Live.

She added that Consuelos knows how to make things better when she's not doing well. "He would have been like, 'Oh, you're upset? I know how to take care of that. Oh, you don't feel good about something? I'll take care of that. Oh, you're feeling like maybe you're overworked? I got you. I know what you need,' " Ripa shared at the time.

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