Mario Batali
Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty

Mario Batali‘s food advice is never-ending and ever helpful. He’s got hacks for everything from getting the perfect crispy fish skin to whipping up the light-as-a-cloud gnocchi. The chef even has a hangover cure that includes—what else—more booze. So of course when he gave his list of 5 must-have refrigerator items in September’s issue of InStyle, we’re inclined to trust him.

At the top of the list is chilled white wine, so feel no shame about that pinot grigio you keep handy. “You never know when a guest will stop by unexpectedly,” he said. “Always have several bottles ready to go.” Exactly. Wine, not?

The chef also wants you to understand the importance of adding an extra kick to even your humblest meals with sriracha. “It’s the ultimate condiment for sandwiches, vegetables, and everything else.” So basically, pour a little sriracha sauce and your food is Iron Chef ready.

As for ingredients that operate as double agents? The go-to is pizza dough. “In addition to pizza, you can use it to make exquisite cinnamon rolls.” (It’s true.)

Speaking of double agents, he encourages foodies never to snooze on last night’s leftovers. “I always make a little bit more than I need…just in case,” he said.

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He even offers a genius tip for Parmigiano-Reggiano, “the undisputed king of cheeses” and the last item on his list of must-haves: “Save the rinds in the freezer for soup.”

And there you have it: chilled white wine, sriracha sauce, pizza dough, leftovers and parmesan cheese. Oh the possibilities!