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Updated December 08, 2020 10:25 AM

If Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain ever want to give up their culinary careers, they have a real shot as a comic duo.

The chefs and real-life friends appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon together this week, and filmed some bonus extras while at the studio—including a rousing game of “Would You Rather.”

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Posed with wacky this-or-that scenarios from viewers, the chefs answered everything from whether they’d choose to eat salty cupcakes or sweetened omelets for a year to whether they’d eat SpaghettiO’s every day or never drink alcohol again (“Can I use the can to cut my throat,” joked Bourdain).

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The final would-you-rather question posed to the chefs: Whether they prefer to have fingers always covered in barbecue sauce or Doritos nacho cheese flavoring?

“Oh my God, this guy [asking the question], should work at Guantanamo Bay,” said the Parts Unknown star who was struggling to decide. Batali, on the other hand, choose both. “I’m going with two hands. I want Doritos in one and BBQ sauce in the other, and that way I can mix them with each bite.”

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Bourdain was still not going for it – “I rather snip my fingers off to nubbins” – but ultimately selected the Doritos dust.

Both chefs were on the late night show to promote Batali’s EAT (RED) Save Lives campaign, which runs for the month of June and raises money for distributing drugs to fight AIDS transmission.

–Michelle Ward Trainor