January 21, 2015 01:54 PM

Grand Forks Herald/AP; Courtesy McDonalds

She’s ba-ack!

Our favorite earnest food critic has returned: Marilyn Hagerty, the 88-year-old Grand Forks, North Dakota woman who rose to fame in 2012 after her rave review of the town’s new Olive Garden went viral, has penned another thoughtful, unpretentious assessment of her local McDonald’s franchises.

(Pause for reaction.)

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So, what does the food critic — who was most recently impressed by Buffalo Wild Wings — think of the golden arches?

She’s a fan — except when the latte machine is broken.

Hagerty went to all four McDonald’s restaurants in the Greater Grand Forks area to compile her review and noted that, despite recent headlines about decline fast food company’s popularity, these North Dakota spots are “alive and well.”

The critic — who, by the review, is clearly a regular McDonald’s customer — switched up her order at each location, with breakfast at one joint, a latte at another and her “secret sin” — a Big Mac — at a McDonald’s in the mall.

Her coffee and sausage egg McMuffin earned a thumbs up: “That was $2.99 and a whopping 370 calories. You know you have eaten, and I like the combination. The coffee, which is McDonald’s brand, was strong and not too hot.”

She also enjoyed her $3.18 low-fat latte, along with the “quick service” and adding to her frequent purchaser card, but admits that the only problem is “occasionally, one of the restaurants will tell you their machine is not working. ‘Not working?’ I think. I almost foam at the mouth in disgust, but I try to be pleasant,” she writes.

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Of her “once every couple of years” Big Mac: “They help to fill up active, working people. They almost overwhelm lethargic people like me.”

Each of her reviews ends with a “report card” summarizing her experience. “Eating out in Grand Forks ranges from McDonald’s to the country club, which is open through March to the public (with a review coming next week). Four different McDonald’s restaurants are a draw with versatile menus, fairly low prices and ongoing promotions,” she wrote.

We’re still waiting for that Cheesecake Factory review, Hagerty.

—Morgan Gibson

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