Chef Marc Murphy

It’s hard to resist a man who knows his way around the kitchen, so adding a chef to our list of Sexiest Men Alive seemed like a no-brainer.

As a judge on Chopped and the owner of four restaurants, Marc Murphy nabbed the title of Sexiest Chef and proved he knows a thing or two about mastering the perfect date.

“The sexiest meal is when everything is going just right and all the senses are met,” Murphy, 45, tells PEOPLE. “If you go to a restaurant and you have the sexiest meal and you’re with the sexiest girl but the music, lighting and service sucks, you know what? It’s probably not going to be a home run.”

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Though Murphy’s favorite sensual foods include oysters and champagne, there are a few cuisines you should steer clear of.

“Stay away from roasted garlic,” he says. “And avoid things you’ll be burping up an hour later.”

So what’s the sexiest meal the chef has ever prepared?

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“When I met my wife, we rented an apartment in Paris and her parents came over for dinner,” he says. “I made the perfect roast chicken for her mother, and she absolutely loved it. I think that sealed the deal for me with the parents, which then turned into sexy, so to speak.”

—Ana Calderone

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