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"Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives," he said after his rescue.

March 04, 2019 03:25 PM

An Oregon man was trapped in his car for five days during a snowstorm, where he survived only on three packets of Taco Bell hot sauce, according to The Oregonian.

Jeremy Taylor, 36, of Sunriver, Ore., was on an off-roading adventure with his dog on Feb. 24 when he got stuck in deep snow. The following day, after sleeping in his car, Taylor discovered that more snow had fallen overnight—making his efforts to hike out of it futile, the publication reports. He spent a total five days trapped, where he would periodically turn his car on for warmth.

Taylor was eventually discovered by a snowmobiler, according to police officials. He was subsequently rescued by a team on a snow tractor.

Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

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Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

“Thank you everyone, I’m safe my Ally dog is safe,” Taylor wrote in a post on his Facebook page after the rescue. “I really appreciate all the help. Got lucky, lets [sic] never do that again. I’ll be in touch with everyone soon.”

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Many friends and strangers have since commented on the post, expressing relief that he was rescued and disbelief that he could survive on hot sauce packets.

“Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives,” Taylor wrote in response to one of the messages.

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