Man Sues Burger King for Backing Out of Free Food for Life Offer After Bathroom Incident

A man brought a lawsuit against Burger King, alleging they backed out of their promise to give him free food for life.

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A Portland, Ore. area man is suing Burger King for over $9,000, alleging that the restaurant backed out of their promise to give him free food for life after he was involved in a bathroom incident at one of their locations.

According to Portland local news station KATU, Curtis Brooner claims that he went to a Burger King in Wood Village, Ore. on Dec. 15 when he ended up locked in the bathroom.

“After repeatedly pulling hard on the door handle without success, Mr. Brooner took out his phone and called the Burger King number listed on his receipt. Burger King employees repeatedly tried pushing on the bathroom door but were unable to open it,” the lawsuit, filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court on Jan. 1, states, according to ABC News.

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KATU reports that an employee attempted to use a fly swatter to open the door, which did not work and resulted in Brooner cutting his hand. In the end, according to KATU, the lawsuit alleges that Brooner was locked in the bathroom for an hour before a locksmith came to let him out, after listening to employees and customers laughing at him through the door.

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According to KATU, after he was freed from the bathroom, Brooner alleges that the restaurant offered him free food for life. Brooner and his lawyer, Michael Fuller, say that the promise was kept for a few weeks, before the manager reneged on the offer.

The lawsuit is for a little more than $9,026.16, as reported by KATU — the cost of one burger meal a week for 22 years, as determined by Fuller along with his client.

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In a statement to PEOPLE on Monday, Fuller said: “My client is still hopeful Burger King will do the right thing and honor its agreement.”

Burger King did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comments.

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