Man Gets Tattoo of Baby Yoda Holding a White Claw Seltzer

Has the meme gone too far?

Baby Yoda White Claw Tattoo
Photo: Courtesy Brock McLaughlin (2)

Ever since The Mandalorian‘s breakout star Baby Yoda entered our lives last week on the new Disney+ show, the 50-year-old “infant” character has completely taken over social media. Now, you can’t go five minutes without coming face to face with a new Baby Yoda meme—but has it finally gone too far?

Brock McLaughlin, or “Baby Yoda’s Baby Daddy” on Twitter, has decided to immortalize this fleeting moment in meme culture history with what appears to be a real tattoo of Baby Yoda nervously clutching a White Claw hard seltzer to his chest. And the tattoo looks big…too big, some might say.

Look, we’ve all made mistakes in life. Multiple people got RIP Harambe tattoos back in 2016 and they’re probably doing fine now.

And props to Mr. McLaughlin for his bravery in getting a very permanent tattoo of the most topical and popular meme of the moment. It has certainly entertained many, judging by over 1,000 responses he’s received. Even White Claw’s official Twitter account replied to the tweet — in Yoda’s object-subject-verb voice, no less. “Truly wonderful, this tattoo is,” the company wrote.

Baby Yoda White Claw Tattoo

Others responded with nostalgic memories from throughout the decade, like Twitter user @Gonzalo_aaa, who replied, “I still remember when people were getting yolo tattoos.”

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The tattoo itself seems to be based on one meme in particular, in which someone photoshopped a White Claw onto Baby Yoda’s character and captioned it, “Baby Yoda parties till dawn.”

The meme appears to still be going strong, and even Food Network chef Guy Fieri joined in on the fun, tweeting a photoshopped photo of a Baby Yoda with Fieri’s famous spiked hair and backward sunglasses.

Other memes show the character clutching a cup of hot tea, showing a fake ID to the bouncer at a club, and merging with Danny Devito’s face.

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