April 06, 2016 12:29 PM

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy made a recent pledge to himself to lead a healthier, cleaner life – and one of the first steps he made was eliminating bread from his diet.

“I was surprised to find out how bad bread is – not only for your fat storage, but for your health,” the LivOn Labs brand ambassador, 36, tells PEOPLE. “Most grains inflame. There’s nothing in it that you need. It has a massive sugar count, which spikes your insulin.”

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The pro-dancer – who is about to embark on a 46-city tour with his brother Val – also avoids genetically modified foods and added sugars.

“I eat extremely clean,” he says. “You have to understand your body and what your body is capable of. You dirty it up with bad foods – with saturated fats, with processed foods. Those things, the body can’t handle.”

One thing he doesn’t avoid? Red wine!

“A glass of Pinot Noir is great,” says the former Dancing with the Stars pro. “You can have a glass pretty much every night. Other alcohol is all fermented sugar, which you don’t need.”

As for exercise, Chmerkovskiy tries to do something active every day.

“We have to stay in motion to not lose muscle mass,” he says. “We’re not sitting creatures. For me, every day things have to happen. But I allow myself to rest and heal, as much as I have to.”

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Chmerkovskiy – who is engaged to DWTS‘s Peta Murgatroyd – is staying healthy now so that he can be a better father in the future.

“What kind of parent would I be if I would fail, before my kid was even born, by not making sure that I am healthy enough to have them?” he says. “My fear in life is that I wouldn’t give my kids the opportunity to do better than me. It has to start by taking care of myself.”

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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