June 10, 2016 12:14 PM

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian West, but one thing remains true: the KUWTK reality star knows how to take a flawless selfie. And while we were doing a little unapologetic Insta-stalking, we spotted the one accessory that gives her those flawlessly-lit snapshots. Guess what? No Photoshopping is necessary.

Courtesy Urban Outfitters

You know when you’re trying to capture a picture-perfect moment but whichever way you maneuver your selfie-cam, the entire atmosphere is off? Whether your issue is harsh artificial lighting (the worst!), nighttime darkness or dimly-lit places, this LuMee Perfect Selfie iPhone case is the solution to your own Kim-worthy selfie — anytime, anywhere!

Developed by a professional photographer, this innovative tech accessory is powered with front-facing LED-lit compartments that emit a flatteringly warm (think sun-kissed) glow onto your face without making you have to resort to the flash button.

Besides the intense brightening capabilities, the cover itself is thick and sturdy so it will shield your device from any accidental bumps or scratches. So no need to worry about cracking your screen while trying to get the best shot — the ultimate #selfiefail.

Plus, it comes with a portable USB cord so you can recharge the case at home or on-the-go before you head to a picturesque weekend away or fun-filled night out.

Bonus perk: You’ll have so many gorgeous selfie shots to choose from, you might be able to create a Selfish book of your own!

Buy It! LuMee Perfect Selfie iPhone 6/6s Case, $55, or 6 Plus/6s Plus Case, $60; both available at urbanoutfitters.com

— Nicole Zane

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