Watch Ludacris Struggle Behind the Stove in Exclusive First Look at His New Show 'Luda Can't Cook'

The rapper, actor, and restaurateur hopes to up his cooking game with the help of chef Meherwan Irani.

Ludacris is on a mission to improve his culinary game.

The rapper, 43, showcases his cooking skills — or lack thereof — in the new discovery+ special Luda Can't Cook. But with the help of James Beard Award-nominated chef Meherwan Irani, Ludacris learns the basics and masters a traditional Indian curry dish (but not without some mishaps along the way).

Before chef Irani can teach the fundamentals, he asks Ludacris to show him what he can make, and the musician cooks up some chicken and a boiled potato.

In an exclusive clip from the special, Luda is seen generously seasoning a massive chicken breast. "So you weren't kidding when you said you like just throwing a bunch of spices together," Irani warily says.

Luda Can't Cook

Ludacris is honest from the start: "This is a thick piece of chicken, man. I'm a little worried about pan-searing it," he says. To help cook it more evenly and thoroughly he cuts it into smaller pieces. "Salmonella is not fun for anyone."

Throughout Luda's demo, Irani gently corrects him on little mishaps — like when he uses the bottom of a pan as a lid. After quickly flipping the pan, he explains that the weight of the pan will squeeze out all of the chicken's moisture resulting in a very dry piece of meat.

Luda Can't Cook

When it comes time to flip the chicken, the rapper spends some time rummaging for a spatula before selecting a "very thin spatula" to use. "That's a cake spreader," Irani corrects.

Ludacris thinks his chicken is looking "scrum-diddly-umptious," but how does it actually turn out? Check out the rest of the clip above and watch the full special when it begins streaming on February 25 on discovery+.

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