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Lucy Hale is one brave eater.

After revealing she was a fan of the Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, the actress took on a daring tasting during her appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael.

“I live for that show,” she said during Tuesday’s show. “I can watch it all day long.”

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But it wasn’t until the Pretty Little Liars star uttered the words “I will try anything once” that she was forced to prove just how much she loves it.

Zimmern—the celebrity chef who tests out unique foods around the world on his show—prepared a few delicacies for Hale to try live on air. Though she wouldn’t go near the ox tongue or cold jellyfish, Hale and host Kelly Ripa ate chocolate covered larvae and grasshopper tacos with grace.

And after initially promising not to join in on the fun, Michael Strahan went in for a bite of the grasshopper tacos, as well. All three taste testers even seemed to enjoy the insects—with Hale pointing out one flaw of the dish.

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“I feel like I have the legs in my teeth right now,” she said with a laugh.

Following her stint on the show, Hale took to Instagram to show off “the phases of trying something new,” which we’re deeming: caution, disgust, lingering disgust and acceptance.

—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone