Lucky Charms Is Being Investigated After Thousands Report Getting Sick from the Cereal

An FDA investigation began after 3,000 people reported gastrointestinal issues after eating Lucky Charms


On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration announced that they are investigating reports that consumers became sick after eating Lucky Charms cereal.

Consumers posted on, a site where people can share reports of food safety issues, about experiencing gastrointestinal issues after eating the General Mills cereal. More than 3,000 people said they fell ill, reporting bouts of diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain and vomiting.

The website tweeted that they had received similar complaints from every state across the United States.

Thousands of consumers complained of issues after eating the cereal, but the company said it has not found evidence of a link.

"Food safety is our top priority. We take your concerns very seriously," the official Lucky Charms Twitter shared in a message about the investigations. "Through our continuing internal investigations, we have not found any evidence of consumer illness linked to the consumption of Lucky Charms."

The Twitter account also advises consumers who got sick to send them a message to gather more information.

A representative for General Mills did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

So far, neither the FDA nor General Mills has issued a recall for the cereal.

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