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RO del Rio/Courtesy Louise Parker Limited

Louise Parker has helped shape, tone and tighten some of the world’s most famous bodies. From rock stars to royals, her clients are so high-profile that we can’t even tell you who they are (seriously). But what we can say is that this U.K.-based fitness, diet and lifestyle expert’s techniques are in such demand that Londoners shell out the equivalent of $6,239 for her intensive 6-week program. (A less rigorous, 12-week program can be done remotely for $2,963.) Don’t have that kind of cash? Neither do we. Luckily, the mom of three, who can be followed on Instagram, dished for free on what makes her program so successful. Here’s what she told PEOPLE about losing weight for good.

Real change requires commitment.
“Our method uses science to turn bodies into efficient fat-burning machines. For the first six weeks of our intensive program, clients have to undergo a lifestyle overhaul. They have to quit drinking, quit smoking, reduce stress and undergo a massive clean-eating endeavor. They commit to working out with our trainers four times a week for 90 minutes to get as much body fat off as possible while maintaining a healthy metabolic rate.”

But if it’s too hard, you won’t stick with it.
“People come to us because they’ve tried everything and want to learn how to lose weight properly in a scientific yet accessible way. That’s why our recipes are simple, clean and doable. A bachelor living on his own can throw the meals together from just buying a few ingredients at the supermarket. We tend not to go down the quinoa route too much. If we start doing foods that are just a bit hard to find, it doesn’t become a habit. We try to make our recipes have no more than eight ingredients and take no more than eight minutes to prepare.”

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You could probably work out more efficiently.
“Our trainers target up to 600 muscles per session. Instead of doing two exercises per muscle group, we’ll do 20. But we keep the weight very, very light. We only work up to 3 kilos [6 lbs.] for women or 6 kilos [13 lbs.] for men. It’s considered quite unusual. But we do lots of repetitions. That way you maintain your muscle mass but develop tight, small, compact muscles. The biggest upside of training this way is the afterburn. For most people, their metabolism keeps going for 24 hours after highly repetitive conditioning work.”

RO del Rio/Courtesy Louise Parker Limited

No cheating allowed. At first.
“Eighty percent of results come down to diet. No matter how much you exercise, if you are not eating right, you won’t get results. We ask our clients to follow the Louise Parker method of nutrition 100 percent of the time when they are on the program. They don’t have weekends off. They don’t have cheat days. It’s actually easier to just stay on track and get results. We aim for five meals a day with a balance of protein, carbs and fat to put a body in the optimum fat-burning zone. The reason we don’t do one-off consultations is because people need support, motivation and monitoring. It’s a bit of hand-holding, but we can look at the results very carefully each week. We know how to fit our method to each client beautifully.”

Life is meant to be lived!
“Once a client has achieved her goal, we help her find balance. Somebody in the maintenance phase who is exercising a lot can follow our method of eating 70 percent of the time. And the rest of the time they can have two glasses of rosé or a pain au chocolate or ice cream with their kids — and not feel guilty about it. I am all for people going out! I don’t think we should be living off salad. Social pleasures are to be enjoyed.”

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Exercise daily.
“Aim to train every day no matter what. That’s something I do as well. I am by no means a manic gym bunny. I want to get it done in the shortest amount of time possible! Maybe I only have 40 minutes or 25 minutes or 8 minutes while my bath is running. It’s just to remind your body that you need to be fit and toned. If you don’t skip, then you don’t quit.”

Prepare to change your life.
“Aside from nutrition and exercise, we also emphasize the lifestyle component. We tell our clients to turn off all screens an hour before bedtime, and then take a bath so their body temperatures fall and they get sleepy. A lot of people are so stressed that they suffer from insomnia. We found our clients who get fewer than six hours of sleep were burning 28 percent less body fat than other people. We’re in the business of getting great results by creating habits that properly last a lifetime.”

—Stephanie Emma Pfeffer @StephEmmaPfeff

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