Lorde Details Her Exact Specifications for the Perfect Onion Ring, from Size to Texture

"I want a pretty toothsome, vertical bite," the Grammy-winning artist said on First We Feast’s show “Hot Ones”

Lorde isn't just a musician: She's an onion ring connoisseur.

The 24-year-old "Stoned at the Nail Salon" singer confirmed her love for the popular appetizer — after fans long suspected she ran the Instagram account @onionringsworldwide — on First We Feast's interview show and spicy wing challenge "Hot Ones."

During the episode on Thursday, Lorde broke down what she believes to be the anatomy of the perfect onion ring. And it starts with the proper size.

"I want an onion that has been cut thickly," she told host Sean Evans, holding up her fingers to demonstrate. "I want a pretty toothsome, vertical bite. I want a pretty crisp yet thick crust. You know, I want it to have some substance. I guess I'd be more into a batter than a crumbed [coating] if forced to make a choice, so that's maybe the way my bias skews."

Evans suggested an onion ring loses "points" when the onion itself doesn't "break on the bite." Lorde agreed, adding that pulling out threads "makes a mockery of the institution."

"I want that separation to happen," she said, mimicking the sound of the perfect crunch.

The "Solar Power" singer uses her special Instagram to rate every onion ring she comes across. The account, which has more than 108,000 followers, has posts dating back to May 2017, and its most recent one came in April.

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After her online identity was compromised, Lorde took a break from her double-life on Instagram. In a post from December 2020, the "Royals" singer said she stopped ordering onion rings for a while after the press caught wind of her true identity.

"I'd get a smile and a wink from waitstaff— it got embarrassing, you know?" she wrote. "But it occurred to me that some things are too good to let the internet spoil."

Now, Lorde is back on her onion ring game. In April, she posted two shots of pickled onion rings from Hotel Ponsonby in New Zealand, where the artist hails from.

"I totally vibe the concept— used to eat pickled onions out of the jar as a youngster— however I think if you're gonna go there, go there, and let acidity rather than sweetness dominate," she wrote, adding the "sensational" batter was "perhaps the best I've tried."

In June, Lorde announced the upcoming release of her third studio album entitled Solar Power on Aug. 20 as well as a 2022 spring tour. She also revealed that she will not be returning to social media during the new album cycle, minus the occasional "temporary post."

"The rumours are true — I'm not gonna be returning to social media this cycle," she wrote. "Being off social media makes me feel incredible — we can talk more about that another time - and I'd love to maintain feeling that good, and also build this really cool new zone with you guys."

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