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July 28, 2017 01:10 PM

Lo Bosworth‘s refrigerator sounds like a healthy eater’s dream.

The Hills and Laguna Beach alum, 30, revealed the mainstay items of her fridge in an interview with Refinery 29—complete with healthier alternatives to oil and gluten.

“I always have whole Greek yogurt—I use that as a sour cream substitute all the time,” she said, adding that she also cooks “primarily with ghee instead of with a lot of different kinds of oils.”

Bosworth, who manages a lifestyle blog called The Lo Down, says she always has cauliflower on-hand to use as a gluten substitute, crafting tortilla and pizza crusts from the vegetable. “It’s a great way to avoid things that are made from flour so that people who are intolerant can always come and eat at my house quite happily,” she said.

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A peak inside Bosworth‘s fridge would also show chopped green onions—which she tends to add “into everything”—and pristine herbs thanks to her simple hack: “I always have a lot of fresh herbs that are sitting in water to keep their freshness.”

With culinary school experience, Bosworth has kept a methodical approach to planning her meals for the week. “They enforced a lot of practice about food prep, so I generally do a lot of prep with fruits and vegetable at the beginning of the week,” she said. “I always have a lot of stuff that’s already chopped up and ready, so any dish is really quick.”

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As far as planning the perfect dinner party, Bosworth’s most important aspect is less about the food, and more about setting the mood like a classic ’90s comedy.

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“I have always taken a tip from the movie Clueless, when she has her date coming over and she decides she has to create a lighting concept,” said Bosworth. “I set the scene by dimming the lights and lighting candles, and that’s a really easy way to make your home feel really warm and inviting without putting up any decorations.”

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