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Chris Rock selling his daughters’ Girl Scout cookies to the audience at the Oscars is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

In this instance, Best Actor-winner Leonardo DiCaprio got his hands on a box, someone snapped a picture of him as he was about to dig into his Trefoils, and the rest, as they say, is Internet history.

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See, there’s this section of Reddit called Photoshop Battles, where people compete to see who can create the most popular manipulated version of an image. And Reddit, for a multitude of reasons, loooooooves Leo. They were very happy he won his Oscar.

So you take a ripe-for-parody picture, drop it into a forum for Photoshop-savvy enthusiasts, and this is what you get.

Or this, which is probably the most adorable of the bunch.

These could also be Pokemon cards or Magic: The Gathering cards, or really any suitably nerdy card-based competitive game. Uno, maybe?

It was bison liver in The Revenant, but the joke still stands.

We all know he’s got experience counting large wads of cash.

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That’s a box of Rogaine, in case you can’t tell.

Honestly we’re surprised no celebrity has ever been caught doing origami during a reaction-shot cutaway.

Even though the artist mistook Henry Cavill for Michael Fassbender, this image of Magneto stealing Leo’s hard-won Oscar is pretty majestic.

There’s nothing the Internet can’t use to Photoshop to improve!

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