The NBA champion revealed his healthy sweet treat in a post-training Instagram.
LeBron James

All hail King James, for the NBA superstar has officially done the impossible — found a way to turn cake into a health food. (We’ll give you a moment to buy a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey in celebration.)

On Tuesday, James posted an Instagram of himself and some friends tucking into a slice of what appears to be a decadent chocolate post-workout cake — no judgement, we’ve all done it — where he revealed a secret to ensuring that his sweet treat didn’t undo all of the hard work he put in at the gym.

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“Showed these guys my secret post-training cake recipe,” James captioned the shot. “Secret ingredient: kale.”

While not everyone in the photo looked convinced about the cake’s secret ingredient, we’re willing to trust James on this one. After all, you don’t win two NBA championships without knowing a thing or two about healthy eating — and asking him to give up cake until the basketball season ends in June just seems unfair.

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Sadly, for aspiring ballers out there hoping to gain an edge, James is still keeping the recipe for his kale cake close to the chest. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can treat yourself (and your teammates, if you’ve got ’em) to these spinach and kale cupcakes.

When it comes to improving your jump shot, though, you’re on your own.

Julia Emmanuele