Another year, another batch of wacky new Lay's potato chip flavors

Credit: Katie Kauss for People

Another year, another batch of wacky new Lay’s potato chip flavors.

Per their annual tradition, Lay’s has come out with four new mystery flavors — and today, we got an exclusive first taste of the chips to try to guess what they were. (The flavors will be revealed to us tomorrow, and per our annual tradition, we’re guessing we got most of them wrong.)

The four bags arrived at People Food’s HQ without any labeling, so it was impossible for us to cheat. All we knew is that this year, the four flavors had an international focus to celebrate the Summer Olympics in Rio. Much like competitors at the Olympics, we were determined to finally achieve glory in our sport: tasting and talking about snack food.

Here’s what we — four humble potato chip enthusiasts — think that the four flavors are.


The spice factor hit our palates immediately, reminding us of a fragrant Indian curry. One of us shouted out “Tikka Masala,” and that seemed like the best best, especially considering the chip’s bright red color.

number 4

Verdict: Definitely something Indian-inspired … our guess is Chicken Tikka Masala or curry.


After one bite, all of us were tasting feta vibes, though one of us tasted predominantly cucumber, causing us to speculate that it was Greek salad. But there was something distinctly meaty about the chip, so we thought it must be gyro … even though Lay’s has already done that flavor before.

Number 3

Verdict: Greek salad or gyro again?


Confusion! This one was the most perplexing to us. One of us thought the chip tasted like a classic French steak frites, while another one of us tasted lamb, and another one (i.e. me) thought it just tasted like a glass of A1 steak sauce.

Number 2

Verdict: Steak frites

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There was no doubt in our minds that this chip was Asian-inspired, despite one person’s suggestion that it was “peppercorn ranch.” Yet there were some assertive peppercorn notes, most of us were picking up on a spicy, soy sauce-inflected ramen. One taster thought the chip tasted some what fishy, leading us to suspect it could be inspired by some sort of Vietnamese noodles.

Number 1

Verdict: Japanese ramen or Vietnamese noodles

On Friday, we’ll find out and announce the flavors — and hopefully won’t be mortified by how wrong our guesses are. All four flavors will be available nationwide beginning on July 25, just in time for Olympics snacking.