By Shay Spence
September 28, 2016 02:00 PM

When Lay’s told us they were bringing back three past fan-favorite mystery flavors, we put our palates to the test to guess what they were…and, not trying to brag, but we were totally spot on. That’s why they pay us the big bucks.

Never one to shy away from a dramatic reveal, the company sent us a literal (heavy!) vault that was filled with bags of the returning flavors: Chicken & Waffles, Smoked Gouda & Chive, and Wavy Truffle Fries. You’ll recall that all of these were previous contenders in their popular “Do Us a Flavor” and “Flavor Swap” contests, though they tragically did not win a permanent residency in the snack aisle.

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“Our fans have continuously shown us their incredible love for flavor, including the unique and sometimes unconventional flavors,” the company’s VP of Marketing Jeannie Cho said in a statement. “[They] have inspired us with everything from traditional spices and herbs, popular cuisines, trending flavors and more over the years. We are excited to open the flavor vault to bring back our Lay’s Flavor All-Stars for everyone to share and enjoy while they last.”

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Fans of the returning flavors can get their hands on the chips for a limited time from October 3 through November 4.