By Shay Spence
September 21, 2016 10:00 AM

For PEOPLE’s food & lifestyle editorial staff, Lay’s annual mystery potato chip competition is basically on par with the Super Bowl. So when the company announced to us that it was returning three flavors from past years for an “all-star” round of sorts, we were ready to sharpen our palates and get in on the action.

Like in the previous contests, the chips arrived in unlabeled bags. We then held a blind tasting based purely on memory recall, then looked at the list of old contenders to determine which of our old friends we think are returning.

Though the element of familiarity made it slightly easier this time around, we still had some stumpers. Here’s what we think they are:

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Flavor #1

What immediately hits you when you open the bag is a “cheesy aroma,” one staffer noted, with another detecting a “slight hint of smokiness.” Blind guesses included Garlic Cheese Bread, Baked Potato and Cheddar Sour Cream & Onion.

Final guess: Smoked Gouda & Chive

Flavor #2

The crunchy, ruffled chip was described as “kind of bland,” “non-offensive” and “a little meaty.” Tasters were stumped by this, but we ultimately came to the consensus it was something Mediterranean, like Gyro.

Final guess: Upon further research it was noted that the Gyro chip was, in fact, not ruffled. Based on process of elimination, we’re going with Truffle Fries.

WATCH: Lay’s New Mystery Potato Chip Flavors Are Revealed

Flavor #3

“Super sweet”, “very maple syrup-forward” and “tastes like Eggos” were our immediate reactions. One taster was reminded of funnel cake, but ultimately it was decided the flavor was an unmistakable brunch classic.

Final guess: Chicken & Waffles

Though we feel confident that our palates have not led us astray, we will be receiving the official reveal of flavors next week — so stay tuned, snack lovers.