Lay's Announces 2 Exciting Mashup Chip Flavors: Cool Ranch Lay's and Wavy Funyuns

Doritos and Funyuns get the potato chip treatment with two brand new iterations

Lay's flavors
Photo: Lay's

It's nowhere near Halloween season, but we're already performing the Monster Mash (err, mashup) in celebration of Lay's latest food amalgamation.

For the first time in the iconic brand's history, Doritos and Funyuns will be brought to life as Lay's potato chips. And you won't have to wait to try them out — the latest "Flavor Swap" lineup hits shelves Tuesday.

Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch will be offered in its traditional chip form, jam-packed with the zesty ranch seasoning you've grown to love (or love licking from your fingers), while Lay's Wavy Funyuns Onion will get the ridged edge treatment to make the chip more dippable. (Can you imagine dunking these fried spuds into Lay's French Onion Dip? So meta and oh-so-delicious.)

Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch
Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch. Lay's

The new flavor iterations will be available at most major grocery stores for a limited time only and priced at $3.75 for a large bag and $1.99 for a small one.

Needless to say, summer barbecues just got a lot more exciting — and confusing. Do we go with old faithful or place bets on the newbs? No matter the decision, the familiar tastes aren't going anywhere any time soon. This is purely a personal preference in texture and you simply can't go wrong (we hope).

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