Lauren Scruggs

Lauren Scruggs was drawn to the 5-bedroom Studio City home she shares with husband Jason Kennedy by all the natural light and its central location.

“There’s so many positive things about it,” Scruggs, 26, tells PEOPLE of their home, which she moved into after getting married in December. “I think the main thing was just how neutral all the colors were, and that it was move-in ready. They literally ripped it up and re-did it right before they put it on the market.”

Scruggs describes the house – which includes a spacious backyard perfect for entertaining – as “cozy but very neutral, with hints of romance and also some beach inspiration. It’s kind of a combo of everything in different areas.”

Lauren Scruggs

The model and author worked with a decorator to achieve their house’s California-chic aesthetic. “I showed her photos [of what we wanted] – everything was very white and clean, but very warm at the same time,” she says.

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Finishing touches like pillows, rugs, lamps and décor accessories – many of which were provided by HomeGoods – helped make the space feel more like home.

Lauren Scruggs

“We like simplicity, and we wanted it to be very welcoming, so we wanted our décor to reflect that,” says Scruggs.

While the decorating process was a collaboration between the fashion blogger and the E! News co-host, there was one item of furniture that Kennedy, 33, previously owned that was vetoed by Scruggs.

“Jason had a really cool house before, but it was masculine and darker-colored,” explains Scruggs. “Here I’m like, ‘The leather circle bed is not going to happen!’ He was giving me a hard time about keeping it, but I’m like, ‘Who would want to sleep in that?’ All the women in his life we’re like, ‘We’re on your team Lo.’ ”

As for any plans to fill some of those extra bedrooms (though one has been converted into a home office), Scruggs says she and Kennedy are in no rush to have kids.

“We want to wait two or three years to just enjoy being married and having little responsibility,” she says. “We’re even like that with a dog! We really want a dog, but if we randomly want to go somewhere, we have to [plan ahead]. And he might eat our furniture!”

–Gabrielle Olya