May 03, 2016 04:39 PM

Despite his status as an international superstar, Prince always maintained an air of mystery — even when it came to his diet.

In an essay for Food & Wine, Margaret Wetzler describes her whirlwind experience as the late musician’s personal chef. Her story paints a picture of one of music’s most elusive talents through the humanizing lens of food.

According to Wetzler, working for the legendary star came with all the quirks one would imagine. “You have to be on call 24-7. Oh and by the way – he’s nocturnal,” she recalls being told on the day she started.

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“They had told me not to speak to Prince unless spoken to,” she says, adding that she was charged with nearly impossible tasks like catering an English tea party with only an hour’s notice.

“[He] had guests about every other night,” Wetzler says, counting stars like Stevie Wonder, Salma HayekRyan Seacrest, Orlando Bloom and Kristen Chenoweth among those who came in and out for dinner. “He kept a floor-to-ceiling stack of Jehovah’s Witness Bibles and gave one to every guest.”

Along with the eccentric demands and A-List parties, though, came a compassionate side. Wetzler describes the musician as “very polite and kind,” constantly praising her food and introducing her to all of his guests.

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Perhaps most notably, though, her portrait paints a surprisingly human portrait of Prince: He made himself scrambled eggs in the morning. He watched American Idol and basketball. He was a pescetarian who loved Asian foods like pot stickers and teriyaki salmon.

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Though Wetzler’s time working for Prince was short (she quit because of the always-on-call schedule), her perspective provides a fascinating and rare insight into the icon’s daily life.

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