The new limited edition flavor is named “Maple Me Crazy” 

By Ally Mauch
May 20, 2020 05:45 PM
Maple Me Crazy™ Butter Spread
Credit: Land O Lakes

Land O’Lakes has released a new limited edition butter spread — “Maple Me Crazy” — that aims to seriously upgrade your morning toast.

The maple butter, available now at ShopRite, The Fresh Grocer, Kroger Stores and Market Baskets across the country, contains a combination of sweet cream, maple syrup and brown sugar.

Though it’s perfectly suited for topping on pancakes and waffles, the options for using this new spread go way beyond breakfast treats.

“We've baked it into chewy sugar cookies, melted it on roasted sweet potatoes, and have used it to make perfectly crunchy caramel corn,” the description on the Land O’Lakes website reads.

Maple Me Crazy™ Butter Spread
Credit: Land O Lakes

Prior to releasing the limited edition butter spread, the popular dairy company recently made headlines for changing its butter packaging by removing the American Indian “Butter Maiden” logo.

The new packaging arrived in stores in April after the company announced the change earlier this year.

“We’ve recognized we need packaging that reflects the foundation and heart of our company culture,” the announcement in February read.

Land O’Lakes did not explicitly state their reason for removing the image, but the original design has long been criticized for being racist.

“As a farmer-owned co-op, we strongly feel the need to better connect the men and women who grow our food with those who consume it. Our farmer-to-fork structure gives us a unique ability to bridge this divide,” President and CEO Beth Ford said.