Lance Bass and Jax Taylor's Just Add X Mixer Is Your Answer to Easy At-Home Cocktails

"It's exactly what's needed right now," Lance Bass tells PEOPLE

Jax Taylor, Lance Bass
Jax Taylor and Lance Bass. Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty

Virtual happy hours have quickly become the main event for those practicing social distancing at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. And Lance Bass and Jax Taylor's new Just Add X mixer is the answer for an easy at-home cocktail, giving consumers the power to be their own bartenders.

Considering most of the U.S. is on lockdown and there are no bars to frequent, Bass and Taylor, 40, opted to launch the handcrafted non-alcoholic premium mixers on Tuesday — Bass' 41st birthday — after the global health crisis forced them to scratch their original plans.

"What's ironic about the whole thing is one of the reasons we started this company last year was because we saw the trend of people wanting to drink more at home. We had no idea that this lockdown would happen. It's exactly what's needed right now," Bass tells PEOPLE.

Just Add X CEO James Kirtley agrees, adding, "We thought it would be a great time to get this out there."

Kirtley explains that they had initially wanted to launch at the Virgin Music Festival in June.

"Now that that's pushed back, we figured we may as well still bring this amazing mixture to the public and have everyone order it, especially with Vanderpump Rules airing right now. We figured we'd speed things up a bit, and there was no perfect time like Lance's birthday," Kirtley says.

What makes Just Add X so unique is that "it makes it easier for the consumer," Kirtley shares.

"They don't have to go out and make these drinks and get tons of ingredients. We've already done the hard work for them. All they have to do is pick up a bottle and add a shot and you've got an amazing premium cocktail."

On Tuesday, consumers can buy a 32-ounce bottle of Just Add X in four different flavors — with names that poke fun at Taylor and his persona on Vanderpump Rules over the years. Take berry smashed, which is described as one that "goes down all too easy." The mixer is a blend of natural strawberry and basil and claims to help consumers recover more "quickly from that hangover" as it consists of Vitamins E and B12.

Next is S.O.B., which stands for "south of the border" and "combines natural cucumber and jalapenõ." It also has Vitamins E and B12.

Just Add X is also introducing the stubborn mule, which blends "ginger root for an extra all-natural kick" plus "hints of spice and lime."

Lastly is blue teaz, a "unique blending of black tea, natural blueberries and lemon juice."

Bass suggests pairing blue teaz with whiskey.

"The names are kind of a tongue-in-cheek play on Jax Taylor," Kirtley says. "We just wanted to have fun with it."

One's called the cheater," Kirtley says of a soon-to-be released flavor, jokingly adding "I don't know if Brittany is going to like that," in reference to Taylor's wife, Brittany Cartwright.

The mixers are all 80 caloriems and you can order one 32-ounce bottle for $9.99 or three bottles for $23.99.

Jax Taylor, Lance Bass
Jax Taylor and Lance Bass. Michael Buckner/Getty

"There's not a lot on the market as far as what's trending and a healthy version. Ours is made with all natural flavors. It's under 80 calories per serving. It has vitamin C. It's a great healthier alternative to a drink. Especially during these times," Kirtley explains.

Bass adds: "It would cost you a lot of money to get all those ingredients. We do all the work. We make it cheaper for you."

Just Add X had a soft launch last year at Gay Pride in Los Angeles, and since then the team has worked on making the mixer the best it can be.

"We feel like we knocked it out of the park with the four flavors we're introducing," Kirtley says. "We were really just going to concentrate on California and see that grow. But with coronavirus, all plans had to change. So we just decided, let's launch nationwide!"

Just Add X has been long in the works, as Kirtley explains he came up with the idea after seeing his pal Taylor on Vanderpump Rules.

"Jax is a self-proclaimed s----- bartender. I've been friends with him for 15 years, and I introduced him to Lance. We've all been really good friends, and ever since Bethenny Frankel came out with Skinny Girl, we were like 'Jax, you gotta come out with something.' So, season 2 this idea popped into my head, and Jax has completely changed his life around since then. He's gotten married. He's got a lot more going on now. It was perfect timing to make this happen," Kirtley says.

Kirtley also shares that their work on Just Add X inspired Bass to officiate Taylor's June 2019 wedding.

"We were all on a conference call and Jax was venting about his pastor, and Lance was like, 'I can officiate it,' so that's how it happened."

Next for Just Add X, Taylor, Bass and Kirtley are hoping to introduce the mixer into VIP club service.

"If you're paying $1,500 for a table in Vegas, why wouldn't you want a premium mixer? These millionaires come in and get orange and cranberry juice," Bass tells PEOPLE, explaining how Just Add X will also change the nightlife scene.

However, before that, Bass is excited to see the public's reaction and work on more flavors.

"I would like to be that company that has so many flavors to choose from," Bass says. "The one I'm really working on is the espresso martini. We're perfecting the flavor."

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