Lady Dawn Russell Shows How to Cook Salmon in Your Dishwasher (Yes, Really)

The aristocrat mom shares her interesting way of cooking one of her favorite dishes.

One might not think to use the dishwasher in their kitchen for anything other than washing dishes,but Lady Dawn Russell thinks otherwise.

The model turned aristocrat, who is married to Lord James Russell, says one of her favorite recipes that her “friends love” is as simple as putting an airtight container filled with salmon in the washer and letting the heat do the cooking.

In an exclusive video with the founder of 8 Greens (a nutritional supplement tablet), she walks you through how to make the (almost) hands-off recipe.

“If there’s ever been a quintessential 8G recipe, this is it,” she says. “You get very good quality salmon and you chop it all up.” Then put it all into a bowl with sliced lemon and Himalayan salt, dissolve one of her tablets into a small glass of water then pour over the salmon to marinate the mixture. Before putting the recipe in the dishwasher, stuff it into an airtight container and add more lemon peels.

“The best maternity nanny in England taught me this,” she says before pulling the finished product out. “You put it in the dishwasher and you’re done.”

Watch the video to see Russell share two more of her recipes: fruit cobbler and mint pea soup.

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